This was Manofactory: an architecture firm, where knowledge, talent and commitment were our most important resources. We were also having fun while working together. This was why we could achieve good results and meet our clients’ demands for creative and qualitative solutions. We took a holistic approach to each project and responsibility for the entire process, from analysis to finished design and occupancy.

Our goal was to create architecture, interiors and design with high quality. And change the world for the better, at least a little.



Elisabetta Gabrielli, arkitekt
+39 340 76 18 152
+46 (0)73 571 57 12

Pontus Öhman, arkitekt SAR/MSA
+46 (0)70 570 36 61

Sara Mendoza, arkitekt MSA
+46 (0)70 725 01 09